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We advise on business strategy and management , accompanying him to give focus to its strategy through the following services :

We are interested that the organization leaders be strategists and reduce the time they devote to cover fires. We seek to accompany managers in formulating its strategy by:
• Evaluation of the organization as a whole.
• Identify the status of each department.
• Formulation of Matrix strategy, balance scorecard and KPI’s per employee.

Seeking to develop interest in the organization to achieve strategic results, bearing in mind:
• The development and implementation of comprehensive and long-range goals for the company.
• The specification of the goals of the company.
• A plan developed long-range profits overall.
• A plan for short-term profit by detailed assigned responsibilities (divisions, products, projects).
• A system of periodic detailed performance reports for assigned responsibilities, and
• Follow-up procedures.

The commercial training program, is aimed at organizations seeking to develop the skills of its employees, thus proposing, developing their skills and expertise management skills.
By developing our commercial training program work:
1. Adaptability to change.
2. Organizational planning.
3. Influence and negotiation.
4. Commitment.
5. Ethics.
6. Initiative.
7. Leadership.
8. Perseverance.
9. Teamwork.
10. Effective communication.
11. Guidance to quality results.

Our purpose is to promote organizational development, superior performance and sense of self-realization on the staff of the organization.
Our proposal is based on clinical and organizational psychology and from the Coaching focused on the development of human resources, the development of skills, motivations and values to reach superior performance and be competitive with themselves and the market.
The process:

  • Strengthen the self-positioning to go clarifying the cornerstones that shape its identity.
  • Foment reasoned dialogue on an analysis or discussion of experimentation that sustain human development.
  • Organization of singular and collective processes that define interests and needs for productive or creative solutions.