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Living in an increasingly connected world with an increasing number of consumer brings an opportunities to companies to go abroad and achieve economic efficiency on sales, where the best marketing strategy allows entrepreneurs and companies to increase market share and business development.
This means consumers want to discover new solutions, products, tastes and flavors, through a great brand experiencies.
In JG GROUP CO, we offer the solutions to cover the needs of companies to go abroad, to growth their business in a profitable way and develop brands and company value.

We participate in fairs and exhibitions in which our client is unable to participate due to lack of time, lack of visa or if you need support in the negotiation process.

We act as sales representatives in Latin America and the Caribbean, developing the distribution strategy of the brands in the LATAM market. We have experience developing business relationships in more than 15 countries.

We offer reports on, sales tracking, inventory turn over, channel distribution performance, GBA’s performance, development of the business relationship with clients.

We develop the business agenda to support positive communication, in which the objective is to develop long-term business relations, considering aspects such as:

The objective of the negotiation
Plan brand
The negotiation process
Development of the best proposal

Concluding on the best use of your time.

Performing the research for new markets opening provides:

Search of potential markets for your product.
Identification and selection of distribution channels.
Study of possible customers.
Consumer insights.

We show step by step the path to perform an export and provide assessment to SMEs in the plan of strengthening its international sales area.
Through the diagnostic of performance of the area and workshops to improve abilities.

We offer to foreign entrepreneurs an Administrative representation in Bogota while they get their own headquarters.
In addition, we perform as legal representative of companies while establishing process, is done.